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Our Stories

At the Grace Oasis recovery support group one evening we were discussing how we could bring our resentments and conflicts to God rather than let those things consume us and drive us to relapse. One of the guys in the group raised an objection: “Isn’t God supposed to be all-powerful?...

Sharing hope with those who need it most!



Mar 23
Peace Lutheran School - Hartford, WI
IM's Reverend Phil Merten, Chaplain,...
Apr 04
St Paul - Muskego, WI
IM's Reverend Philip Henselin...
Apr 22
St John (Newtonburg) - Manitowoc
IM's Reverend Henselin preaching and...

Ministry Insights

"Recently, one of the men in my Bible study at the jail admitted that over the past several years he has been searching other religions, "trying to find something he could lean on". He had been studying Islam for a while but it...
"Amy was having a pretty tough day when I came to visit. She is about 2 1/2 months pregnant and her great-grandmother has been caring for her 5-year-old while she’s been in jail. Apparently overwhelmed by the thought of Amy continuing to stay...
"We were discussing the 23rd Psalm at the jail, and one of the women looked like she was really trying to take it all in. When I asked if the group knew about the shepherd's staff, she asked, "What is that?" After I had explained, she...