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Our Stories

In a Bible study about prayer last week, someone told me, “There are a lot of times I think I can’t ask God for help because I know I’m doing something I shouldn’t, and I figure he won’t listen to me until I stop the sin.” I was glad he raised that issue, because...

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Aug 20
Bethany - Hustiford WI
Pastor Pasbrig Preaching
Aug 20
Amazing Love - Frankfort IL
IM's Reverend Mark Wenzel Preaching
Aug 27
Rockwood-Manitowoc WI
IM's Reverend Henselin Preaching

Ministry Insights

"We read through the 23rd Psalm recently at a prison Bible study. I asked the guys what thoughts came to their minds as they read those words. One man said, “I look at the part where it says, ‘You prepare a table before me in the...
"There were five at the Huber Bible study (four men and one woman) last week, and we studied the eighth commandment dealing with our neighbor's reputation. Everyone was really into the subject matter of how we use our tongues, and the...
"When we finished our Bible study at the prison yesterday, one of my guys said, "Thanks Pastor, this was good stuff, just what I needed to hear." His comment brought to mind God's promise through the prophet Isaiah, "......