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Our Stories

For the better part of two decades, Doug has been longing to be free — free from the “demons” and guilt that he has been carrying around with him since his last tour of duty. Whether Doug is suffering from clinical PTSD or not, I cannot say. What I can tell you however, is that...

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Jul 22
Zion - Crete, IL
IM's Reverend Robert Pasbrig Preaching
Jul 23
First Lutheran - Lake Geneva WI
Pastor Philip Henselin
Jul 23
Zion - Crete, IL
IM's Reverend Robert Pasbrig Preaching

Ministry Insights

"I had 9 at Huber this week (3 ladies and 6 men). We studied "let your light shine" which gave us practical applications on living our lives as Christians. It also gave us awesome examples in the Bible of the most unlikely people...
"As we gather together, I usually ask the group to introduce themselves, answer a random question and share a prayer request. The question for today was "Share a time when you were proud of an accomplishment." All of...
"We were listening to some music at the jail when one of the ladies commented "I just can't praise God right now. I can't really have my heart be happy." Earlier in group she had revealed that she really was missing family and her...