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Our Stories

Michael was annoyed with a preacher. Not with me, at least not this time: his annoyance was with a pastor he’d heard at the prison worship services recently, and, at least from Michael’s viewpoint, was judgmental and divisive. What Michael heard the preacher proclaim was that the prison...

Sharing hope with those who need it most!



Jul 01
St John - 68th and Forest Home, Milwaukee
IM's Reverend Phil Merten, chaplain,...
Jul 01
Christ - Big Bend
IM's Reverend Bob Pasbrig, chaplain,...
Jul 01
Centennial - Milwaukee
IM's Reverend Phil Henselin, Executive...

Ministry Insights

"The LORD brought one man to my study on Sunday. He was a rather humble man and initially, I didn’t think he was listening. But when we read Psalm 1, he came out of his shell and told me his story. “I use to go to church with my wife and...
"In a Bible study this week, an Institutional Ministries volunteer and his group discussed how hard it is to make real changes and how much we need God’s help. Satan will tempt us to go the easy route. Only God can give the strength...
"Recently, I encountered two women (in two separate institutions), who have been heavily influenced by Muslim teachings. Both of them have expressed their desire to have Jesus as their LORD and Savior, but their Muslim training has been making it...