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Our Stories

“Two steps forward and one step backward.” It’s an old saying that is used to convey a lack of progress toward a goal. And sometimes, it seems to apply to Gospel ministry.   About four years ago, Kyle was incarcerated in a county jail. Once there, he quickly acquired a...

Sharing hope with those who need it most!



May 03
Abiding Word - Milwaukee
IM's Reverend Phil Merten, Chaplain,...
May 06
Mount Olive - Appleton
IM's Reverend Mark Wenzel, Chaplain...
Jun 03
St. Matthew - Oconomowoc
IM's Reverend Joe Radsek, Chaplain,...

Ministry Insights

"In our study of Acts today, we covered Paul and Silas being flogged and thrown into prison at Philippi. As they sat there in the dark, locked up in stocks within the inner most part of the prison, Paul and Silas began singing hymns of praise to God...
"Easter is without question my favorite day of the year, and what pure joy to have shared Easter with eight women at the Jail! In our study, we examined various gospel readings that support the truth of what occurred that first Easter Sunday. We...
"One of the main sources of pain for the women at the jail is worrying about their children and grieving not being with them. A woman in jail recently said that her 13-year-old daughter was entering mental health treatment for suicide. Pray that the...