New URL - IM.Life

You may have noticed that our website has now been relocated to its new home on the world wide web Why the change to IM.Life? Here’s a few thoughts from our new Executive Director, Pastor Philip Henselin.

  • REFLECTION – It reflects our great commission immediately. Jesus said, I AM the Resurrection and the Life — I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life.

  • REALIGNMENT – It reflects our intended name change, Institutional Ministries (and helps to avoids some common misconceptions).

  • RELEVANT – When I explain it to a foundation or a constituent, they get it immediately. It aligns both our mission and the Great Commission.

  • RETENTION – It is short, easy to remember, simple to type in. This means retention not only in personal memory, but also retention of the searcher on a smartphone; rather than quitting in frustration.