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What's In A Name

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I was preparing a Bible study lesson for my visits at the jail, and never wanting to leave a blank space on the page, I looked for a poem or quote that I could add. The lesson was about walking into an unknown future, knowing all along that God is holding us close, regardless of what the future holds. As I surfed the internet in search of something appropriate to share, I stumbled upon some things written by one of my favorite Christian authors, Corrie Ten Boom.


The next day, I had copies of the Bible study ready to hand out as I made my visits at the jail. My first visit was with Sue, who typically held things pretty close to the vest, so when she began to open up and share a little bit about herself, I listened patiently and waited for an opportunity to transition into the lesson. She listened respectfully as we worked through the lesson together. As we talked about the new life that she would soon step into upon her release, she began telling me about the things that needed to change, as well as the things she hoped that wouldn’t change (like her relationship with her boyfriend). When we looked at the quotes I had added to the lesson, Sue began to smile. “That’s funny,” she said, “my boyfriend's name is Corey.” I smiled and agreed, it was kind of cool.


Later, that same afternoon in group, a second lady, Jo, was excited to share the news that she just had a great visit with her husband. Jo had recently started the paperwork for divorce proceedings, but now, she happily announced that they were going to hold off on the divorce, and try working more on their marriage. When we got to the quotes by Corrie Ten Boom at the end of our visit, she said, “That's interesting. My husband's name is Corey.”


Now you can call it coincidence or providence, but twice in one day, God provided me with a special way to connect with these women. I believe it’s just His way of letting me know that He is present in my preparations for sharing His story, and touching people’s hearts with His encouraging Word. His “little coincidences” are pretty fun too!


The very next day, I was visiting with a small group of women, and we began reading some of the prophecies of Isaiah concerning the coming messiah. As we read about the “the Root of Jesse” who would “stand as a banner for the peoples,” one of the ladies immediately piped up and said, “My son’s name is Jesse.” “Ha,” I thought to myself, “Here we go again.”


What a great week of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with those who need it most!


Chaplain Sarah Guenther

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